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Happy New Year -- Language Lore Ezine -- Issue 004
January 01, 2012

A New Years is dawning. It is a great time to set and assess your language learning goals. Let's get your language learning routine off to the right start this year.

It has been a few months since we last published our Language Lore ezine. We have been busy! We've added a bunch of new content. For example, Alicia, in Canada recently submitted this story explaining that she wants to learn another language becasue of her grandfather. We love these kind of stories, and invite you to share why you are learning a second language.

Bilingual celebrities is one of our recent pages, and also one of our most popular! Our web visitors just love this page. Stop by and see if your favorite celeb in on our top ten list.

Recently, we uploaded three free gifts. If you haven't picked them up, yet, then you are in for a treat. Free Gift #1 is an audio download: How to overcome the obstacles of fear, embarrassment, and anxiety. Free Gift #2 is a video: How to Sound like a local. Free Gift # 3 is a special report: Take Your Language to the Next Level. If you haven't been to our site in a while, come back and get these free gifts.

There is a lot more going on at Stop by and see the latest updates to our site.

This month, we are working on the Walkabout Language Learning Action Guide. It should be ready by the end of the month. If you enjoy the tips that you've gotten on this website, you'll love this guide. It will take you step by step through creating your first dialog. It is packed with new study tips, suggestions about how to find a mentor, and real life stories about language learners just like you. Watch your mailbox; we'll let you know when it is ready.

Best regards,
Leslie Woodford and Terry Marshall

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