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How to stay motivated-- Language Lore Ezine -- Issue 003
March 09, 2010

Recently, a language learner commented about how difficult it is to stay motivated to learn a new language. We know that it can be a challenge sometimes.

Our friend, Miriam from Germany recently explained the importance of motivation this way. "What I have learned is that to really learn another language, there has to be a very STRONG REASON for you to learn. I would very much like for my son (whose first language is German) to learn Chinese, but there is really no reason for him to learn it, other than mom and grandpa would like that. On the other hand, he has powerful motivators to learn English: he communicates with a lot of his friends in English and all the cool video games come in English. Those are big strong motivators, so yes, he is totally fluent in English now. Even the dog is trilingual in this house, out of necessity!"

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The following article by Martina Srblin offers five tips to help you stay motivated in your language study.

How to Boost Your Motivation For Language Learning

How to Boost Your Motivation For Language Learning
By Martina Srblin

Sometimes it's hard to keep the language learning you so meticulously planned in your schedule. With the busy lives we're leading, sticking to a learning routine seems like art - something wonderful, when there's inspiration involved, but quite fragile.

To help you stay focused and faithful to consistent learning efforts, here are five motivational tips for you...

Sign up for a certification exam
What better method to ensure you devote enough time and attention to learning a language than deciding to take the tests to obtain a language certificate? Having a goal like this, with a set date and a specific curriculum, will encourage you to persist, and uplevel your linguistic knowledge. Make sure, however, to choose the certificate that represents a challenge, but it's appropriate and attainable, given the time you have to prepare for it.

Plan an enticing journey
Another compelling motivational boost is to envision an amazing journey in the country or countries where your target language is spoken. Speaking that language when you'll actually travel to all those places you're dreaming of, will be of enormous help. Not only will you feel a lot safer, but you'll give yourself a much richer cultural experience.

Imagine the beauty of a total immersion into a new culture
A huge benefit of being proficient in foreign languages is to be able to communicate with native speakers on a deeper, more authentic level, and discover new cultures without any intermediaries, right off the bat. You also get to meet more people, since not everyone is a masterful foreign language user, and - what a fortunate consequence - you're given the key to tons of information that is not translated from your chosen language into your native one. For the curious, this reason alone makes it worthwhile to learn as many languages as possible!

Keep in mind all the monetization possibilities
Then, there is the money aspect still to discuss! You can easily turn your linguistic knowledge into additional income. There are many opportunities to put what you've learned to good use, and be well-paid for it, such as translating, tutoring, utilizing the newly acquired language for business purposes, or tour guiding. Fluency in a foreign language is an asset that you can monetize time and again, and it's really up to you, if you'll take advantage of this possibility, or not.

Track your progress by setting measurable goals
A great dose of motivation is provided also by coming up with fathomable goals designed as a bunch of achievable milestones. The sense of accomplishment you'll feel every time you reach a new knowledge level will propel your language learning forward, and set you up for some serious linguistic success.

Martina Srblin is the Language Learning Magician who will help you discover the language learning system that best fits your needs, skills and schedule, so you can stop wasting time, money and energy on language learning methods that - for you personally - are inefficient. For free resources and to sign up for a FREE report on "7 Key Steps to Smart Language Learning" and a FREE subscription to the Language Learning Magic Ezine, please visit Martina's website

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Final Word
You can learn more about the five step process to fast track your language learning. Click here to go to the Daily Cycle. Assess and track your language progress using the "Self-Rating Guide."

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