For the game

I'm learning spanish to communicate with Spanish soccer players.

Dear Soccer-enthusiast,

Thanks for stopping by. We love when our visitors have a specific reason that drives them to learn a new language. Soccer -- or football -- as the rest of the world calls it is a great reason to learn Spanish.

I am reminded of our friend Simon Harris. He's from England, and he loves football. But he noticed that the weather in Spain is more enjoyable than the weather in England for watching matches. So he moved! Once there, he had to learn Spanish. Here is a page from his website that gives a brief intro to Spanish football terms.

Also, now that you have a goal, check our goal setting page and our new Spanish section. Be sure to check back often as we continue to add pages.

Please tell us more about where you live and how you are going about your football-soccer Spanish language study. Do you play on a team with Spanish speaking players, or are you a spectator enthusiast? Keep us updated on your progress.

Thanks for your comment,
Leslie Woodford

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