Ilma Lives in London and Loves English

by Ilma Silva

I am living in England, I need speak English, and I love English Langue, but I do have difficult on to speak and same time to write too.


Thanks for your comments about your journey to learn English. I understand your frustrations. I too have lived abroad and sought to learn a new language. In the past I have focused heavily on speaking and ignored the writing portion of language learning. I felt like it would cause me to mispronounce words and I wanted most of all to have the best accent possible.

In hindsight, I think there is great value in including written practice in your language study. Reading is a great way to expand your vocabulary and to observe grammar used correctly. Writing is an excellent way to practice your new skills while taking time to get the grammar right (or almost right).

I love the fact that you are just jumping in with both feet. Your submission suggests that you are willing to practice the language skills that you have in as many settings as you can. Good for you. Keep practicing in lots of different ways.

I'd love to know more about what you are doing to enhance your language study. Where are you from? Are you studying formally? Or just on your own? Do you work or go to school, or what ways to you interact with native English speakers? In the mean time, I recommend that you:

Talk, talk, talk.
Read, read, read, and
Write, write, write.

Thanks again for your comments and your lovely picture. I love to "meet" other language learners like you. Come back soon and tell us more about your experiences.

Thanks again,
Leslie Woodford

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Sep 30, 2015
by: Micke

Keep writing more.

Mar 03, 2012
I am from Brazil
by: Ilma Silva

Hi there,

I am from Brazil; my mother langue is Portuguese. I'm not going to school, just work. I read newspapers, magazines, books, I hear music, I try to talk to people I work with, too much use translator online as I'm go along, but want to improve myself and speak good English. I thank you for answering my post. Ilma

Feb 29, 2012
Our home and native land
by: Walt Hollander

Hi Leslie,

I really consider Canada my home and really don't feel that I have a native land, as such. I was born in the Dutch East Indies and was taught Nederlands (Dutch) by a nanny though my parents and siblings could speak 'Indonesian' (I believe they called it Malay if I remember correctly. After WWII my parents 'chose' to leave what then had become Indonesia. Yes, I can still speak and understand Nederlands. I did learn French in school here but have forgotten most of it because I have no opportunity (like my wife's case re English) to practise French. Now that I am learning Spanish, French is even more far removed.

Hope that all makes sense and... thanks for your interest.

All the best,

Feb 29, 2012
Thanks for sharing
by: Leslie


Thanks for sharing. I didn't know you were from Holland. What a cool story. Do you still speak your native language too? Or just English now? Presumably, living in Canada you studied French in school.

I appreciate your support as other people comment here at

Feb 29, 2012
It is so good to haer the enthusiasm
by: Walt Hollander

Hi Ilma,

Thanks for your contribution. It is indeed very good to hear the enthusiasm through your words.
I live in Canada and when I came to this country I only knew one word ('airplane') and a song I had learned in the school I last attended in the Netherlands. For that reason of not having any English, as an 11-year youngster, I started in grade 3. I skipped grades as my abilities advanced.

I was fortunate to have some excellent teachers here who devoted time to help me learn English. THe best way, really, to learn is through immersion as you are experiencing. I have learned a fair bit of Spanish through having a Cuban wife and spending time in Cuba with her.

She is learning English in anticipation of coming here but since there is nobody around with whom she can practice, her English is not very advanced although I believe she understands me reasonably well when I speak English. Her English will improve very much once she is here, I am certain, because she then will also be in immersion.

Thanks again for your message and all the best in your learning English.


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