The Time the I Got Hit by a Bus

by Jamie Hall
(Creston, Iowa, USA)

Trees in India

Trees in India

Before I went to India, I heard the tourists in India are most often killed by buses. Not that tourists die all that often in India, but that is the greatest hazard there for tourists. Well, sure enough, when I was there, I almost got hit by a bus. The trouble is that the traffic drives on the other side of the street, so I'm in the habit of looking the wrong way first and I stepped out into the street, and "Honk! Honk!" here comes a big fat bus. Man, it was a close call.

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May 14, 2011
Mother knows best
by: Anonymous

Ha, ha, Jamie. You had me going for a minute -- I thought you really got hit by a bus and were writing from beyond the grave. But your story absolutely reinforces a lesson your mother must have taught you as a young child: LOOK BOTH WAYS before crossing the street!

Jul 25, 2011
Wrong way traffic is dangerous
by: Leslie

This story reminds me of a friend that I knew in Italy. They drive on the right side of the street, but my friend was from New Zealand. She expressed the same problem, she always looked the wrong way first when preparing to cross the street.

I remember in England that they had big lettering on the street to remind tourists to look the correct direction before crossing.

We sure get trained to our habits when crossing the street.

Jun 11, 2015
Good post
by: Bailee Marquardt

Thanks for your brilliant articles! Your niche site is great!

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