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Rate Yourself: Advanced Language Level

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At the advanced language level, you are starting to feel quite comfortable with your new tongue. You’re beginning to relax and enjoy living in your new culture. Remember there are still goals to achieve even after you can get around in your new language.

Continue to define and redefine your goals and objectives to increase your language abilities. Come back periodically to rate yourself: celebrate your accomplishments and work on weaknesses. This page will help you do both. The ratings are divided into Advanced, Advanced Plus, and Superior. Review them to find which one best describes your level.

In each category, use the Goals section to set your broad goals and the Self-Test section to identify specific near-term objectives. Then, regularly rate yourself against the items in the Self-Test for that section - including those you have added to meet your specific, advanced language level needs. Be sure to keep the “cluster” idea in mind as you expand on and do your self-tests.

Note: Are you working your own language learning program? Download the Walkabout Language Learning Action Guide. It includes all of the "Rate Yourself" levels, and provides space for you to track your own progress. This guide walks you through each step of Walkabout Language Learning. You'll see your language skills accelerate as you follow the instructions in this guide. Download it today.

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Advanced Language Level


Able to participate freely in most casual and some work conversations. Able to give simple directions or explanations at work.

Able to talk about past and future events.

With minimal requests for repetition, am able to get the gist of normal conversation by native speakers speaking at an advanced language level.

My vocabulary is good enough to speak simply with only a few circumlocutions and I am able to speak extemporaneously and at an advanced language level on many topics.

Though my accent is clearly that of a learner, I can generally be understood.


  • I can describe my work in some detail and discuss with my co-workers most work-related tasks.
  • I can talk comfortably about topics of general interest, such as local entertainment and current events.
  • I can talk about things that happened in the past or might happen in the future.
  • I can take and give messages by telephone.
  • I can be understood by most native speakers, and I can follow normal conversations involving native speakers.
  • Many of my thoughts about daily activities are in my new language.
  • I can perform at least one task at the Advanced–Plus level.

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Advanced Language Level-Plus


Able to handle most work requirements and conversations on technical or work related topics of interest.

Able to express facts, give instructions, describe, report, and talk about current, past, and future activities.

Often I am able to speak fluently and easily, though occasionally I must pause to think of a word. I still make some grammatical errors.

In dealing with native speakers, I am able to understand common rules of etiquette, taboos and sensitivities, and handle routine social situations when dealing with people accustomed to foreigners.


  • I can hire an employee, discuss qualifications, duties, hours, and pay.
  • I can instruct a co-worker on how to perform a common task.
  • I can give opinions and facts, and explain points of view.
  • I can talk with ease about my past, my current activities, and what I hope to do in the future.
  • I generally speak easily and fluently with only minor pauses.
  • I can make culturally acceptable requests, accept or refuse invitations, apologize, and offer and receive gifts.
  • I can perform at least tasks at superior level.

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Superior Language Level


Able to converse on most practical, social, and professional topics.

Able to deal with unfamiliar topics, provide explanations, resolve problems, describe in detail, offer supported opinions, and hypothesize.

I am able to talk about simple abstract ideas.

I rarely have to grope for a word. My control of grammar is good and errors almost never seem to bother the native speaker.

Able to participate appropriately in most social and work situations.

Able to understand most nonverbal responses; beginning to understand culture-related humor.


  • I can carry out most work assignments in the target language.
  • I can handle routine social situations with ease.
  • I can participate effectively in most general discussions involving native speakers.
  • I can handle normal and extended telephone conversations.
  • I can listen to a radio program, oral report, or speech and take accurate notes.
  • I can deal with an unexpected problem or a social blunder.
  • I can support my opinions in a discussion or argument.
  • I am beginning to understand jokes and word-play.
  • I seldom have to ask speakers to repeat or explain.
  • I can speak at a normal rate of speed, without groping for words or trying to avoid complex grammatical structures.
  • I understand most body language and use it appropriately myself.

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Goal Setting Quote

Often advanced learners expand their language skills “sideways,” increasing the number of topics they can discuss with ease, and “in depth” rather than “forward.”

They make strides in sophistication of expression, add vocabulary choices and become more precise in their conversation.

--Concordia Language Villiages

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