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Whole World Guide to Language LearningLanguage learning reviews agree, whether you are going around the world or around the block, a second language can come in handy. And critics say Terry Marshall’s Whole World Guide to Language Learning can help equip you with the languages you want to learn. Order your copy today.

What the critics said

. . . recommended reading to anyone wondering how to succeed at immersion language learning efficiently and independently. Moreover, teachers will find the learner-centered progression of the daily learning cycle useful as a model to orient their teaching away from grammar-based, non-communicative instruction through numerous concrete steps for lesson building . . .

-- The Modern Language Journal

. . . good, sound advice overall, putting both old and new techniques to work in a more carefully structured context than most language learners would ever achieve on their own . . . easy to read and follow . . . a useful and well-reasoned guide to making language learning happen.

-- Council on International Educational Exchange

. . . real asset to those . . . whose language learning takes place mainly in the community where they are serving.

-- Training Forum, Newsletter of the Office of Training and Program Support, U.S. Peace Corps

. . . this book can make language learning as rewarding as the international experience itself.

-- International Employment Hotline

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